THANK YOU! £8,000 raised for Kirkwood at our Mary Byram sports day

On 1st July, we held our inaugural Mary Byram sports day. Held in memory of our amazing family matriarch, who passed away in December, we were blown away by the camaraderie, generosity, and high spirits of everyone who came, took part, or helped in the event itself.


Despite the showers throughout the day, it was truly a feel-good day.

Sports day - Mary Byram - Kirkwood Hospice


Mary was helped by Kirkwood Hospice twice. Once to live, and once to die.


Six years ago, after being diagnosed with heart failure – and losing her soulmate/husband of 50 years – she had lost her confidence. She felt uneasy leaving the house and became lonely.


A Kirkwood Hospice nurse suggested she should attend the day services of Kirkwood. At first too stubborn, she declined, but after some encouragement, she went along. We watched her bloom back to life.


She attended Brave Heart weekly for more than a year. She made new friends, grew in confidence, and got a new lease of life.


We heard everything about the wonderful nurses, the friends she met and the arts and crafts she made.

Sports day - Mary Byram - Kirkwood Hospice

Then, just before Christmas 2022, she needed Kirkwood again. They gave her hope, but when that hope dwindled, they made her feel safe.


In her last hours, she was surrounded by the people she loved the most.


The doctors were simply incomparable. The support staff who came around to offer drinks were lovely, discreet, and polite. The priest who did a blessing blew us all away.


They gave us a protected, comforting bubble to say goodbye to our amazing Mary, whilst showering her in love. There are no words that can describe what they provided her and us with.


On Saturday, we raised over £8,000 for Kirkwood in her memory, and it was only possible with the kindness of everyone who attended.


We had an absolutely amazing day whilst we were at it. And to put the cherry on the cake, SB Homes won the sports day too. The trophy sits proudly in our office.


Who’s up for sports day 2024?

Sports day - Mary Byram - Kirkwood Hospice


There's still time to donate here.


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THANK YOU! £8,000 raised for Kirkwood at our Mary Byram sports day | SB Homes

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