Tom celebrates 10 years at SB Homes

Tom Hampshire, one of our trusted stonemasons, has worked at SB Homes for ten years this month...

1. What changes have you seen in yourself in the last ten years at SB?

Over the last decade working for Steve, I've transformed from someone who had finished my apprenticeship and been a labourer, to be now given the belief and trust to work alongside SB Homes' top stone mason, Mark Seal.

2. What has made you stay at SB for ten years?

Working for a family orientated company is brilliant, I couldn't ask for more. We work on some brilliant projects and makes going to work enjoyable. The lads are great, we have a laugh.


SB Homes' stone mason, Tom Hampshire

3 What's a typical day like for you?

It changes from day-to-day. Mainly, I arrive on-site and have a conversation with Mark to set our goals for the day.

I can be setting out a new building, or be half way through one. We set ourselves targets and aim for what we'll get through in one day.

4. Who are key people at SB who have helped in your career?

There are many key people. Mark Seal has guided me to being the builder I am today. He worked for SB before I started and he took me under his wing. Steve knew he was the right person to guide me, and he was right. We have worked together well ever since.


Jack Davies is another person. He has always been a good friend to me both inside and out of work. Seeing how he has worked his way up the ladder at SB Homes is a credit to him.

5. What are your work goals for the next 5-10 years?

I'd like to keep growing in the position I'm in. I'm still learning along the way and I'm sure that while working for SB I'll have lots of new and exciting projects to get stuck into.

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Tom celebrates 10 years at SB Homes | SB Homes

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