Welcoming Hannah to the SB Homes team

Earlier this month, we were delighted to welcome a new face to the front-facing SB Homes team; Hannah Byram.


As the youngest of MD Stephen’s daughters, Hannah has worked behind the scenes for SB Homes for two years, but with our sales assistant Olivia Smith recently moving halfway across the world to Dubai, Hannah has taken up an office-based role as we move into our 24th year in business.


Here, Hannah gives us an insight into her new role and what it’s like working in a family business.


  1. What's your job title? 


I don’t have an official job title, as such. When it’s a family business, you find yourself working in all elements of the company, even if it means getting your hands dirty – literally!


  1. Give us a bit of background about yourself; what do you like doing? 


Being the youngest of three sisters, I've always been the 'tomboy’. I love being outdoors, as well as skiing, tennis, netball, etc. I recently started a new hobby of sheep dog training; I have two border collies and six sheep! I will have a go at anything, and don't like to sit still.


  1. Why did you join SB Homes? 


SB Homes is a family business and both my sisters have already been heavily involved in the running of the company. I don't like not being involved – I think they call it FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), haha. Joking aside, it feels great to bring new ideas and ways of working to the table and I am looking forward to progressing in my role at SB Homes.


  1. What did you do previously? 


Alongside working behind the scenes at SB Homes, I have had a few different roles, from tennis coaching, sports coaching and bar work to managing holiday ski chalets in the French Alps. Me and Jamie (my partner) lived in France for a year before we returned around eight weeks ago now.


  1. What will your new role involve? 


Alongside supporting the team who are focused on housebuilding, my role will mainly involve me looking after projects that we’re working on. Something that people may not know is that, as well as building residential developments, we also take on commercial ventures, such as what was The Swan pub in Marsden.


We have renovated the old pub into six commercial units on the ground floor and two holiday lets upstairs. So, for 4-6 weeks, I've spent a large majority of my time renovating and furnishing the flats – which will be available to rent when we come out of “Lockdown 3.0”.


Another project I am excited about is our camp site project in Marsden, next to the Huddersfield Narrow Canal. We will be developing the land into a much-needed camping and glamping site. This will hopefully get started this year – keep an eye out for our updates!


  1. What are you most looking forward to within your job?


I am most looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into the exciting projects we have in the pipeline. We take pride in everything we do, and we hope that every venture we take on gives something back to the community.


  1. What is it like working with family?


We are a very close family, and we get on 100% for 95% of the time…! With three sisters, with strong personalities, that 5% of the time can be quite explosive but we get over it quickly. Normally, any disagreements come from a place of wanting the best for SB Homes and having different ideas on how to get there.


  1. Describe your dream home


My dream home is an old farmhouse tucked out of the way, with plenty of land, ten border collies running around, lots of farm animals and kids running in and out.


  1. Where would you like to see SB Homes in ten years' time?


SB Homes will continue to thrive in the house building industry, alongside having a number of other projects which add to the community.


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Welcoming Hannah to the SB Homes team | SB Homes

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